Work Flow Chart

RED is customer have to do and Blue is CPI ( will do.

Work Flow Chart STEP1

Sign Up (Registration)

  • We will send you FTP server ID and Password which can use forever so please keep safely.
    • Once you got ID and Password, you can upload data directly to your FTP server.
    • If not using the ID and Password for more than six month, ID and Password will be expired and then have to do the Registration form1
    • again.

Work Flow Chart STEP2

Upload Now (Login)

  • After you get ID and Password you can start uploading data to FTP server.
  • Please make one folder and keep all data of photos and upload without Zip.

Work Flow Chart STEP3


  • We will send to you quotation by E-mail.

Work Flow Chart STEP4

Order Confirm

  • For start the making the product we require Order confirmation form3.
  • To avoid dalay in order making product Please send the form3 ASAP.
    In case you want to cancel the order Please inform us by same.form3.

Work Flow Chart STEP5

Approval of Product

  • We upload shrinked photo and original photo with clipping path at your FTP server, we will inform you by E-mail after upload on FTP.

  • You can download and check shrinked pictures from your FTP server.
  • Original photo with clipping path can open only after payment with Un-Zip Password .

Work Flow Chart STEP6


  • If you are satified with upload data quality, Please make payment against our quotation.

  • Please inform to us by Payment form4 after transfer the payment.

Work Flow Chart STEP7

Sending UnZip Password

  • After reciving the payment we will send you Un-Zip Password by E-mail.

  • You can download pictures from your FTP server and Un-Zip with Password.

Work Flow Chart STEP8

Delete Your Data From FTP

  • We will delete your data from your FTP server after 5 days for the security purpose.

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